Dream of: 26 March 1988 "Moose Head"

Cathy and I went to the opera with another man who appeared to be Hispanic, perhaps Mexican. They walked in and seated themselves before me. They then motioned to me to show me where they were.

At the end of the opera, which seemed more like a movie, Cathy and I walked up and stood in front of the screen. The movie had been a mystery in which one man had been trying to find another man. On the screen was a diagram of a tunnel made of concrete in which there were some yellow lines which formed a path. One man was following the path, trying to find the other man.

I stuck my hand in a box near me and pulled out a piece of chocolate which resembled the head of a moose. The moose head had something to do with the mystery, and the other people in the audience wanted to see the size of the head. I put the nose of the moose close to the screen where the path was so it could follow it.

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