Dream of: 20 March 1988 "The Mummy's Foot"

While with Louise in Dallas, I decided I would like to have sex with her – she looked so good. I decided to take her to a Holiday Inn in which I had recently stayed. The motel wasn't luxurious, but adequate. A room for two persons would cost around $25.

When we arrived at the hotel, I went to a reception counter; a clerk told me someone would show me to my room. But Louise said she first had to go to the toilet and she disappeared into the women's restroom. I waited in a hallway where many people were standing.

While I waited, I fantasized how exquisite having sex with Louise would be – I hadn't had sex with her in such a long time. I was unsure whether she was still married to another man; but that didn't much matter to me; nothing was going to stop me now.

Suddenly I noticed Leland in the hallway. He saw me and approached me. I was slightly disconcerted because I didn't want Leland to see Louise with me. But at the same time, it didn't much matter if he saw us.

Suddenly three or four other men – dressed in suits, clearly legal clients of Leland's – spoke with Leland. Leland was going to do some legal work for them; they talked about the price which Leland was going to charge. At first they had agreed to pay $3,000. But now Leland said he wanted $6,000; they agreed without hesitation.

When the men finally left, Leland and I talked. Apparently he wanted to me to help him with the work was going to do for the three men. I was unsure Leland was doing all he could for the men. But I was sure I would be able to do it.

The work involved finding a man who had killed another man. I wanted to begin the work immediately; but Louise still hadn't returned from the restroom. By now, she had been absent for half an hour. I returned to the reception desk where the clerk said he would try to find Louise for me. But after searching, he also was unable to find her. At last I decided she must have changed her mind and left. I was a little sad.

I decided to begin immediately my work for Leland. He and I left the hotel and went to a street corner where the murder had taken place. Suddenly I saw a man whom I recognized as the man who I suspected had committed the murder; I immediately grabbed him. I explained to Leland who the man was.


I was in a large building, still working on the case for Leland. I now realized the case dealt with a mummy which I believed was in this building. Although I was afraid to encounter the mummy, I began looking for it. Suddenly I saw the mummy! It was very large – taller than I – and I was afraid. It attacked me and I fought with it. During the fight, part of its foot came off in my hand. Disgusted, I threw the foot to the ground and ran. I crashed through a hole in the floor and plummeted through several more floors. But I was uninjured.

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