Dream of: 15 March 1988 "Speaking Spirit"

I was with a group of people who seemed to be from Portsmouth. Some of us, including me, had been hypnotized by Samuels (a former high school schoolmate) on different occasions. I had been hypnotized two times and each time the session had been recorded on cassette. I now was going to listen to recording of the first session.

As I listened, I realized someone was standing very near to me right behind me. In fact, my leg was turned around so my foot was touching the crotch of the person. I thought it was a girl, but at the same time I was uncomfortable because I thought it might be a boy. And for some reason, I thought it might possibly be Martin (another former high school schoolmate).

Finally I turned around and saw that the person was a girl (about 15 years old). She had black hair and black eyes. She looked very young. But it seemed to me that on another occasion I had had a relationship with a girl of her age. The truth was that I was attracted to the girl. I said something to her and I allowed her to sit on the stand in front of me where I had the cassette player. I stayed next to her and continued listening to the cassette player.

As I listened to my voice on the cassette player, I realized that had been the first time I had been hypnotized. It seemed that both times that I had been hypnotized, some kind of spirit had spoken through me. The second time had been much better, so the cassette I was listening to of the first session didn't interest me much. Apparently the others in the room also weren't much interested because they began leaving. I finally realized almost nobody was left with me. Only a small black boy, the brother of Samuels, was left. I said something to him and I felt very friendly to him.

I saw that the others had gone to an open car of a nearby train. Apparently they were going to play some kind of game in the train. I would also like to play and I walked toward the train. But I felt a little light in the head, and I almost fell into a nearby well. My feet finally got wound up in a cord which pulled me up in the air so I almost flew to the train.

I suddenly realized I had smoked some marijuana earlier today for the first time in more than 3 years. That was why I felt a little crazy.

When I reached the train, someone told me the people on one side drank beer, and the people on the other side didn't. I decided to sit on the side which didn't drink. But I realized a small, black bull with horns was in front of my seat. Someone said they were happy that I was going to sit there with the bull.

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