Dream of: 14 March 1988 "Ferocious-Looking Lion"

After I arrived at a pharmacy which my mother owned, my sister walked in. I was a bit preoccupied because I knew that the clocks were supposed to be set forward an hour. But I didn't know if other people who would be coming to the pharmacy would remember to set their clocks forward. In the window of the pharmacy was a sign which said, "We send out time cards." A picture of a small clock was also on the sign. Apparently the pharmacy sent out cards to all its clients so they would know the correct time.

I was thinking of opening a law office in the pharmacy, but I still hadn't made a decision.

In the pharmacy was a large, ferocious-looking lion named "West," which belonged to me. I was going to take West, who was friendly to me, for a walk. When I walked out of the pharmacy with West, I noticed a group of people on bicycles had stopped in front of the pharmacy. They appeared to be bicycle racers, and they had a dog with them.

When the bicyclists began racing again, and the dog followed them, West suddenly began running after the dog. I hollered, "West, West." But West ignored me. Becoming a bit angry, I grabbed a limb from a tree, stripped the leaves from the branch and ran after West. Overtaking him, I grabbed his collar and hit him three times on his butt. Clearly the beating was hurting him; and he squealed the third time I hit him.

I was a little afraid West might try to attack me. But he was quite humble and docile. Apparently he was a good friend of mine, and we continued on our walk.

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