Dream of: 04 March 1988 (2) "Falling Off A Building"

I was in front of a 19 story building. A ladder reaching to the building's top leaned against the building's side. Sharon (a Dallas acquaintance) was at the top of the ladder and it appeared that she was thinking of jumping off the building.

Sharon had a packet of Cremora, and I asked her if she had ever seen that type of Cremora fall from such a height. I wasn't exactly sure why I was asking that, but I had the feeling that Sharon might be able to jump and just float to the ground like the powdery Cremora.


I was now farther away from the building, but I could still see it. Suddenly I saw that something had fallen from the top of the building and I watched it fall all the way to the ground. I thought it must be Sharon who had fallen. I ran toward the building and encountered someone who told me indeed Sharon had fallen. The person said that when Sharon hit the ground, her body flew apart in many pieces.


I was now in one of the higher floors of the building and Sharon came in. Apparently she had indeed fallen from the building, but she hadn't hurt herself badly. She was very overweight, was completely nude and also had a small penis. Apparently she was actually male, but for some reason she had been acting like a woman. It also struck me as strange that she didn't have any pubic hair.

I thought I ought to explain to her that she could completely change herself into a man. After I sat down and began speaking with her, she told me that one of her bones had been broken when she fell. Nevertheless, she was now considering falling off the building again. I tried to dissuade her, because I believed it would be insane for her to fall off the building again. She might die this time.

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