Dream of: 04 March 1988 "A Walk In The Cemetery"

While running along the top of a brick fence which had gaps in it, I had to jump across the gaps several times, until I finally reached a gap so wide, that when I jumped, I failed to reach the other side. I began falling and continued so far that I began to worry that I was going to seriously hurt myself, but I landed on my feet without injury.

I now noticed that the fence surrounded a cemetery and that I was inside the cemetery. I directed my attention to a grave where I saw a dish containing a silver ball perhaps two centimeters in diameter. From the dish I took the shiny ball, which reminded me of a Christmas tree bulb, except that it was completely round and lacked a hook. The ball was clearly hollow inside and I heard something inside it which sounded like a bell. I thought about taking the ball with me, but I decided to leave it here and I put it back where I had found it. I also noticed another ball here exactly like the first one.

I began walking around and noticed what appeared to be a basket with cellophane over it. Looking into it, I saw what looked like small black dolls' heads inside. They were quite strange. I thought I would like to have one to use in a sculpture-collage, but I didn't take it. Instead I continued with my walk.

I finally sat down on a bench and after a short while I noticed a woman and a girl (perhaps 10 years old) coming through the fence. I couldn't see them well, because it seemed that the contact lens I was wearing was out of place in my eyes. Everything looked vague.

I was afraid of scaring the woman and girl, and I didn't move. I just kept moving my eyes, trying to adjust my contact lenses.

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