Dream of: 21 February 1988 (3) "Sosh"

I had gone to the my father's office on Gallia Street in New Boston, and I found about 10 people working there. All apparently had obtained the names of prospective clients and were sending letters to the clients. Since all the clients were different, they would all receive different letters.

Someone gave me the material for one of the clients. Since the letter intended to be sent to this client was ready, I decided to read it. After reading a bit of it, I turned to Terence (a Dallas attorney), who was working there, and showed the letter to him.

The letter talked about how someone could use land as collateral to buy gold. The value of the land would be put in some kind of fund called "sosh." I didn't understand the word and it seemed somewhat strange to me.

I asked Russell how many square feet were in an acre of land. If I knew the answer to this question, I could calculate how much gold I could buy with an acre of land.

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