Dream of: 19 February 1988 "Kidnapped"

As Birdie and I were walking by the milk house on the Gallia County Farm, I suddenly realized she had disappeared. I looked around for her and finally concluded someone inside the milk house had kidnapped her. I hastened up to the Farmhouse where I found my father and my grandmother Mabel and I tried to enlist their aid to help me rescue Birdie. After my father had agreed to help, I walked to the gun cabinet to get a gun. I had recently been given a new gun and I began searching for it among the 20-30 rifles in the gun cabinet. Some discussion ensued about whether I should have a .22, a .38 or a .45 caliber.

When I was ready, my father and I headed from the Farmhouse to the milk house. Just as we stepped outside, I spotted a black car. As my father boarded a truck, I frantically asked him whether we should follow the black car. I thought Birdie might be in the car, perhaps in the trunk. When my father said we should follow the car, I boarded the truck with him and we pulled out. But the black car had a big lead on us. My father said the car was a Mustang and would be hard to catch it.


I was in the car with the man who had kidnapped Birdie – only actually Louise and not Birdie had been kidnapped. The man finally admitted he had already killed Louise and he was going to take me to the place where he had dumped her body.

I had my rifle, which had a long silver barrel, pointed at his face; I began poking his face with the rifle. When he knocked the gun away, I immediately pointed it back at his face and forcefully poked him with it. I told him if he tried to knock the gun away again, I would shoot him in the face. As I continued poking him (causing bruises on his face), I told him this was small punishment for what he had done. He said if I were a decent man I wouldn't be hitting him like that.

I thought about Louise's being dead. I could hardly believe it. I had cared so much for her. Getting over her would certainly be difficult. It would probably take years.

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