Dream of: 17 February 1988 "The Living Or The Dead"

As I was sitting on a plane, returning from a long journey, I needed a moment to realize Louise was sitting next to me on my right. She didn't quite look like herself she was taller and thinner than normal. I had missed her while I had been away, and I was happy to see her again. We spoke and had a few happy moments enjoying each other's company.

The happiness didn't last long. Louise quickly became angry with me about something and she seemed to want to argue. When she spoke in an abrasive tone, I tried to assuage her, telling her how much I had missed her during my absence. Finally, however, I gave up, and I asked her if she wanted a divorce. I was surprised to hear her say she didn't want a divorce. However I already knew that our relationship was hopeless and that the best recourse would be to divorce.

I was amazed that I, not she, had reached this conclusion, but I was sure the conclusion was correct. I even began telling Louise about my planning to prepare a petition for divorce for her to sign. She didn't say much, but clearly she wasn't going to contest the divorce.


I had walked upstairs to a second level of the plane, away from Louise. All seats were full on the upper level. As I looked around at the many people sitting there, it took me a while to realize that everyone was dead. At least most were dead. Since some were still able to move, I was uncertain whether those people were still alive, or whether they were simply able to move even though they were dead.

I felt uncomfortable with the people, especially since I realized I was going to have to stay with them forever. The thought was extremely unpleasant. In my anxiety, I lay down on the floor in the aisle to rest. The plane was so crowded, I was reminded of the time many years before when I had been thrown into a crowded prison in Iran, and I had been forced to sleep one night on the floor. Just as I had once been so depressed by the thought of staying in prison in Iran, I was now depressed by the thought of staying on this plane forever.

When I finally stood back up, I managed to find a vacant seat and I sat down. All the people sitting around me became silent when they saw a stewardess with cafe-blonde hair walking down the aisles. When I realized the stewardess was looking for me, I slouched down in my seat so she wouldn't see me. I definitely didn't want to talk with her because I worried she might ask me to leave. Although I had disliked this place at first, I was already becoming accustomed to it and I was uncertain I wanted to depart. I watched the stewardess walk up and down the aisles, looking for me.

Finally, however, I simply stood up and showed myself to the stewardess. She was probably in her mid 30s and wearing a brown suit. It seemed as if I might have known her from somewhere. Stepping out into the aisle, I told her I would like to hug her once before she left. She patently wasn't dead I thought she might be the last living person I would ever see.

When she walked up to me and let me put my arms around her, I could feel the flesh of her neck under my hands. Although I wasn't attracted to her, being with her felt good. Quickly letting me know she was here for only one reason, she said to me, "I love you."

I was deeply moved. I knew immediately she was telling me I had a choice of either remaining here or departing with her. If I left with her now, she and I would remain together; if I stayed, I would remain with these dead people forever.

Thoughts of Louise flashed through my mind. I imagined Louise and me living in the White House and her performing little dances on the lawn. She looked so cute, it pained me to think we wouldn't be together, but I immediately saw that Louise and I were finished.

However, I still rather liked being where I was and I was unsure I wanted to leave. Although I felt as if the woman were a good person, I didn't know her at all. I realized I must make an immediate decision. Trying to concentrate on what God wanted me to do, I finally blurted, "Lets get out of here, then."

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