Dream of: 16 February 1988 "The Lord's Prayer"

I was at a meeting of a group called Sex Addicts Anonymous. Perhaps 20 people were in the room, all seated on cushions in a large circle on the floor. Several times during the meeting I stood up and walked over to a phone so I could call Carolina. Although I hadn't known Carolina long, I had already become quite attached to her.

At one point while I was talking with Carolina, I heard the group announce it was time to say the Lord's prayer. After asking Carolina to hold on, I returned to my cushion to pray with the group. The prayer seemed to last a long time, perhaps 10 minutes, and before it was finished, I heard someone call out my name, "Collier." I knew the person wanted me to return and finish my call with Carolina. So even before the prayer was concluded, I walked back to the phone.

Even though she had been waiting all that time, Carolina was quite friendly and not a bit upset. I explained to her that I had been saying the Lord's prayer. I also informed her that the people in this group made me a little nervous and that I didn't completely trust them. Carolina likewise didn't seem to trust the group and she wondered if they might try to harm me in some say. While she was expressing her apprehensions, I glanced back into the room and saw that all the cushions were empty and that the people had disappeared. I instantly became extremely alarmed and frightened, fearing the people might intend to harm me.

Suddenly I realized everyone in the group had gathered around me in a tight circle. Some were wearing long ebony robes. Terrified, I let out a long piercing scream at the top of my voice to Carolina. I felt as if the people were going to pick me up by my feet and hold me upside down. If they held me upside down, I didn't know what they would do next; but whatever they were going to do, I didn't think it was going to be pleasant.

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