Dream of: 11 February 1988 (2) "Specializing In Drug Cases"

As I was driving a car around Portsmouth, I began thinking I might like to smoke some marijuana. It had been a long time since I had last smoked and I hesitated to do so again. Nevertheless, I concluded my abstinence had lasted long enough and I decided to smoke. I thought I would go to Walls' house to see if I could buy some pot from him.

When I arrived at Walls' house, the front door was open, so I walked in. I found Walls sitting in the front room and I spoke with him. He quickly informed me that he had recently been arrested for possession of some kind of drug and that he was going to need a lawyer to defend him. I thought I might like to help him. I told him I had been specializing in the defense of drug cases in Texas. The problem was that I wasn't licensed to practice law in Ohio, but I figured I could probably get a license in Ohio if I wanted to.

I talked with Walls about the case and I tried to find out whether he was planning to plead guilty or to fight the charge, and how much money he was planning to pay a lawyer. He said he was just going to plead guilty. He was unsure exactly how much he was going to pay a lawyer, but he figured a lawyer would cost $300-$500. I quickly thought it over and decided that $300 would pay for my plane ticket to Ohio. I decided I would like to help him.

Walls described what had happened. Apparently he had some friends who worked on the police force and they also used drugs. One night, however, his friends had decided to come over and search Walls. After they had found Walls' drugs in the back yard, Walls had admitted to them that the drugs had been his.

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