Dream of: 09 February 1988 (2) "Damaged Flute"

While in a room with some other people, I began looking for my flute. When I finally found it, I discovered that part of the keys on the flute were missing. I immediately knew that a boy in the room had been tinkering with the flute and had lost the keys. The boy (about 10 years old) was the son of some friends of my father. My father was also in the room and he was the one responsible for letting the boy play with my flute.

I was very upset about the missing keys and I began complaining about it. I felt as if the boy should never have been allowed to have played with my flute, and I was angry at my father for having allowed him to do so. I felt even angrier because my father defended the boy and my father didn't want me attacking the boy.

The boy admitted that he was the one who had been playing with the flute, but he couldn't remember where he had lost the keys. Finally my father and I walked out into a long hall which vaguely reminded me of the hallway in a high school, perhaps Southwestern High School in Gallia county. I walked with my father along the hallway looking for the keys. As I walked, I picked up a number of combs which had been dropped in the hallway, but the keys were nowhere to be found.

I realized that to have taken off the keys, a small screw must have been unscrewed. That seemed important to me, because the unscrewing the screw showed that the boy must have made a conscious effort to disassemble the instrument. It seemed to me as if the boy should therefore remember something about having taken off the keys.

Finally I told my father that he was responsible for the flute's being damaged and that replacing the flute was going to cost $1,000. He appeared to be realizing that having let the boy play with the flute might not have been so wise after all.

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