Dream of: 07 February 1988 (2) "Unlawfully Carrying A Weapon"

I was driving along a highway when I began hearing a thumping sound which appeared to be coming from one of my tires. I was uncertain whether it was from the front or the back and even as I was still moving, I stuck my head out the window to see. Clearly it was the rear tire, which seemed to have some kind of piece of stiff, metal wire around the hub which had hit the tire and knocked it out of shape. I pulled the car over beside the road.

Right in front of where I had pulled over is a covered bridge and another car pulled over inside it. Some people got out of the car and a woman (probably in her 50s) threatened me with a gun. What she didn't know was that I had a .38 caliber gun in my car, which I immediately pulled out. Without wasting time or words, I shot her. She fell over dead and I then turned my gun on the two men with her and I told them to put their hands down. Then I realize I had misspoke, and I told them to put their hands up.

I watched the men very closely and I wouldn't hesitate to shoot them if it were necessary. In my left hand I picked up the black gun which the woman had had and I stood here pointing both guns at the men. I waited in the covered bridge anticipating the arrival of the police and finally a policeman carrying a shotgun entered. He motioned for me to lower my guns, which I did.


I was sitting in a restaurant eating. Two police officers were politely standing in front of me, apparently waiting for me to finish. I was uncertain what they wanted, but finally it occurs to me that they were here to arrest me for unlawfully carrying a weapon. I realized that since I had had the gun in my car, I had been breaking the law, but it was a minor misdemeanor and probably not much would happen to me. I wondered whether I would be able to bail myself out with just my signature. I figured I would probably have to pay $200 bail.

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