Dream of: 07 February 1988 "Skiing Accident"

I was wearing snow skies in a snow-covered hilly area. Other people were nearby and we were having a good time skiing up and down the small hills. I was exhilarated as I went zooming down one hill.

When I finally stopped for a while, I noticed a young woman skiing toward a tall embankment near me. She was skiing away from me and I couldn't see what was on the front side of the embankment, but as she disappeared over the edge, I had the uneasy feeling she hadn't known what she was getting into and that she might have run into trouble. There could have been large rocks in her way. I saw some other people who looked alarmed going toward the embankment and I also headed in that direction.

When I reached the top and looked down, I saw that just a short ways down a wooded area began. There was no sign of the woman anywhere and I immediately concluded that she must have gone into the woods and probably injured herself by running into a tree. Some other people were heading down toward the trees to try to find the woman. I took off my skis, stuck them straight up in the snow and also headed toward the trees.

I entered the area of the trees, where it seemed quite peaceful, and finally I found a snow-covered path amidst the trees. The path finally led to a clearing and there I saw several people gathered around the fallen woman. I walked over and saw that she was apparently injured. Kneeling beside her, I heard the others talk about how she had apparently injured different bones in her body. No was sure if any bones were broken. It was also mentioned that she had suffered similar injuries in the past.

A large black car was trying to back up to her in the snow. When it reached her, I knelt down next to her on one side, and with the help of another woman on the other side, I picked her up. As I carried her, I noticed that she had an attractive body, although it seemed to be slightly overweight. Finally I loaded her into the back of the vehicle, which had a large area like a van.

The others got back out and I was just about to do the same, when the woman asked me to remain with her. I was pleased that she would want me with her and I stayed.

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