Dream of: 17 January 1988 "A Long Fall"

I was apparently in a tall building in downtown Dallas and was looking at the First Republic Bank Tower which looked as if it were about 70 stories tall. I remembered that some work had recently been done on the top part of the building and I now saw that dark glass had been placed in the top of the building in a large area in the center of each side. It looked quite nice. I thought that area of the building was going to be used for some kind of world affairs.

I next noticed that some construction workers were still working on the outside of the building and I became absorbed in watching them. They were standing on boards suspended by rope and I was amazed that they could be working up there that high. It looked dangerous, but they seemed to be able to keep their balance well and obviously had had much experience. They were all muscular and healthy looking and I was impressed by what they were doing. Some were even picking up hundred pound bags of cement, putting them on their shoulders and walking around on the platform with them. It looked to me as if some men were wearing safety ropes to hold them in case they would fall, but I was unsure.

At one point the platform began swinging, which made the situation even more precarious for the men, but they seemed to be able to continue working, even with the platform moving.

One man was standing on a step ladder perched on the suspended platform. He was standing on the second rung from the top of the ladder with one foot on each side. He picked up a large bag of cement, started to put it on his shoulder and suddenly lost his balance. He began toppling backwards and it was obvious he was going to fall. I turned to someone near me and I shouted that someone was falling, and when I looked back, something was blocking my view so I couldn't see what had happened to the man, but obviously he must have fallen all the way to the ground. I was quite shaken.

Finally I was in a spot where I can see the ground. A crowd of people gathered around. I even was able to briefly see a sort of instant replay showing where the man had landed, although I couldn't see the actual collision. I realized anyone who would fall from such a height would have to be dead, but I thought the man had been equipped with some kind of safety device and that he might not have died.

Finally I was able to see the man being raised into the air and being carried away. He looked stiff. He had blond hair and was probably in his late 20s. It appeared that he might be dead, but then I saw one of his eyes blink. Then he moved his head and said something about some pads he was wearing in his pants having protected him, but he still appeared to be injured. I wondered if he would collect disability insurance and I wondered if he was wondering the same thing.

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