Dream of: 15 January 1988 "The Lord Hears Everything"

A party was taking place in the house of a woman who was my mother (not my actual mother). As well as she and I, some people who were my brothers and sisters were attending the party. As the festivity progressed, in the background could be heard sounds which seemed to indicate that some sexual activity was taking place at the party. But my mother didn't seem to be aware of this.

I was lying on a mattress placed on the floor of one room when my mother walked in and spoke to me. I was only wearing a pair of undershorts and experienced an erotic feeling as I lay in front of her. She stayed for only a moment, then walked back out of the room. As soon as she had left, I slipped off my shorts so I was left completely naked. After a few moments, she returned, and I quickly pulled a cover up over my pubic area. But as she spoke with me, I let the cover fall away so I was completely exposed. Since it was rather dark in the room, I was uncertain whether she could tell that I was nude; but I believed she could.

Finally I stood up next to her, lightly clutched her arm and coaxed her to lie down beside me. Although she at first seemed reluctant, I insisted until I was finally able to pull her down on the mattress with me. She seemed confused, as if she didn't understand what was happening. But once I had secured her next to me on the mattress, I rolled over on top of her. As I rubbed up against her, she suddenly perceived that I had an erection, and that I was attempting to have sexual contact with her. Thoroughly shocked and chagrined by the idea, she begged me to stop. At the same time, she began to hear the noises of other people in the room, and she suddenly realized people were having sex in her house. She stammered out, "Please Lord, don't listen."

Up till now, I had been completely under the control of my sexual passion. But when she began crying and asking the Lord not to listen to what was going on, I stopped and realized I should cease what I was doing. I said to her, "The Lord hears everything. How could he not listen?"

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