Dream of: 08 January 1988 "Brain Operation"

I was working as a lawyer representing a girl (about 16 years old). She was in the custody of some kind of state agency and the woman who was directly responsible for her wanted the girl to have a brain operation to see if some behavioral problems could be corrected. I was against the operation and I told the woman to her face that the idea was "foolish." However I still allowed the girl to sign the necessary papers so the operation could take place.

The papers were signed on Thursday and on either Friday or Saturday I began feeling very uneasy about letting the operation take place. It seemed to me that the doctors wanted to experiment with the girl. I imagined their cutting off her hair and then slicing into her scalp.

Finally I decided there was something I could do. I would go to a judge, perhaps judge Gaither, and try to get a temporary restraining order to prevent the operation. Then I would ask for a hearing for a temporary, and them a permanent, injunction. I thought I would file a completely new case for the matter, but then I decided to just go to the judge in the case already pending. That would be judge Bedard.

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