Dream of: 01 January 1988 "Unusable Ticket"

I was at an airport standing in the waiting section for flights for Pan American Airlines. I wanted to take a flight to Boulder, Colorado and I wanted to use a ticket which I had had for quite awhile. However, I had already talked with someone at the airlines about using this ticket and I was anticipating having some difficulties.

Finally I approached a woman at the front desk. She looked something like Ms. Hamby (a brief acquaintance). I asked her about my using the ticket and she immediately told me I wouldn't be able to use it. Obviously she was the woman with whom I had previously spoken on the phone about my ticket.

I protested that I had already paid for my ticket and I demanded to be allowed to board the plane, but she adamantly refused and she ignored my vain entreaties.

Finally she told me I must leave and I stopped and considered my options. Other people were around, including two women working behind a counter. I didn't really want to create a scene, but I abruptly decided I was going to stand my ground and I refused to leave.

The woman didn't seem surprised by my action and she even seemed prepared for it. Three women appeared almost immediately, one on each side of me and one in front. The two women on my sides grabbed my arms and the one in front was ready to pick up my feet to carry me out. I was just about to let them carry me when finally I decided to leave peacefully and I walked out of the room.

Once outside, I turned around and walked back into the room again. I shouted at the woman that I was intending to sue Pan Am for one million dollars under the Deceptive Trade Practices Act. She looked alarmed and I had the feeling she realized she might have made a mistake.

I walked back outside and as I walked past a cafeteria I noticed Eisenberg (a Dallas attorney) seated at a table. I stopped and told him about what had just happened. I realized I was still excited and also that I was rather angry. My anger surprised me because I thought I had learned to control it.

Eisenberg asked me more about the details of what had happened and he wanted to know how I had been damaged. I explained that I had wanted to go to Boulder to bid a million dollars for a hospital which was going to be sold at auction. It might have been a good buy, but now I had lost my chance. Eisenberg seemed to think that wasn't going to prove I had been damaged, and I had to admit he was probably right.

I also began thinking my ticket had been bought for me by Salvador Ibarra with his American Express card. Since I hadn't paid cash for the ticket, that might also have some effect on the outcome of things.

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