Dream of: 31 December 1987 (2) "Absolutely Crazy"

I had awakened in the middle of the night in the House in Patriot (the home of my maternal grandparents when I was a child) and had found my grandmother Leacy in the kitchen. I sat down across from her at the kitchen table where my mother and my father were also sitting. My grandmother gave me some paper on which she had written a dream which she had just had. I looked over it and she began telling me more details of the dream, details which she hadn't written down. I realized the details were important to the understanding of the dream and I began writing them down.

At one point I asked my grandmother why she had decided to write the dream. She looked puzzled and I asked her whether the thought of writing the dream down had come to her before or after she awoke. I was trying to see if she might have first thought about writing the dream down while she had still been dreaming.

My grandmother's dream had taken place at the House in Patriot. I mentioned that that was interesting because I likewise had just had a dream before awakening which had taken place at the House in Patriot. I thought the others might want to hear my dream, but I really didn't want to tell it to them right at the moment.

My grandmother continued telling her dream and mentioned that in the dream she had arrived at the House in a car. I drew a map of an intersection and showed her where the House would be sitting on the map. I also pointed to where the house across the street would be. She then showed me what direction she had been coming in the car, which I also marked on the map.

I asked her whether she had been riding in the front passenger seat of the car. She was uncertain and tried to remember. I didn't think she had been driving and I had the feeling she might have been in the rear seat.

My father seemed a bit impatient and I explained I had realized from the many car dreams which I had had, that the place a person is sitting in a car was important. That was the reason I was going into the detail.

Finally I was finished and I stood to leave. As I did so, my mother and I began having an altercation. I became rather belligerent and began pointing out that my mother was actually quite insane. I even pointed to her facial features, which appeared distorted like a retarded person's, to emphasize my point. In fact I began touching her, which made her look even more distorted.

Suddenly it occurred to me the only reason she looked that way, was because I was unable to have sex with her. If I could have sex with her, she would be quite attractive. I reached out to her and began pulling up the long white night gown she was wearing. I anticipated seeing a very attractive body and intended to have sex with her. As I proceeded, I said, "You are absolutely crazy. Come on, lets fuck this one out once and for all."

By that I meant that if I could just have sex with her, she would no longer appear to be insane.

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