Dream of: 31 December 1987 "Intruder"

I was alone in the upstairs living room of the Gay Street House where I was staying while I visited Portsmouth for a few days. I was thinking of trying to call up someone, perhaps Marjean (one of my high school schoolmates), and ask for a date tonight. But it had been such a long time since I had been in Portsmouth, I doubted I would be able to find anyone.

I was listening to a cassette on a cassette player, when I heard some kind of noise which sounded as if it were coming from downstairs. I immediately became alarmed, and it suddenly occurred to me that my father didn't know I was there in his house and that he might be angry at finding me there.

I stood up and pushed a button on the cassette player to turn it off, but the music kept on playing. I tired again and then pushed another button, but the music still continued. Finally I pressed the eject button and the music finally stopped.

I looked and saw that a man had walked into the rear door of the room. At first I thought he was my father, except he looked a bit young for my father. He was probably only in his late 30s. He had dark black hair and several days growth of beard on his face. He had his hands in the pockets of a long black coat he was wearing. His general appearance was unkempt and he appeared to be intoxicated from alcohol.

I headed toward him intending to try to explain what I was doing there. But I quickly stopped, because I suddenly realized he wasn't my father, but some intruder. I was extremely alarmed and began backing away, looking for something with which to defend myself. I noticed a brown coconut, picked it up and heaved it at the man. But it had no effect. I then turned and fled through the front door and head down the stairs. On the way I noticed a small glass with some ice and I thought of grabbing it to throw at the man.

When I reached reach the bottom of the stairs, I frantically began trying to open the door to the front porch. The door had two locks and it took time to undo them both. If the man was following me, surely he would be able to reach me. But it appeared that he hadn't followed.

Finally I had the door open and I dashed into the street. It was dark and no one was around. I noticed a car parked sideways on Gay Street as if it had slid around there. I thought it might belong to the intruder and I quickly memorized the license plate KJRJL.

On the other side of Gay Street I saw the light of a vehicle on Eighth Street. I ran toward it waving my arms and screaming for help. It looked as if it may be a motorcycle. But suddenly I noticed that whoever was driving the vehicle had jumped from it and was running away from me down Eighth Street. Obviously the person was afraid of me.

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