Dream of: 26 December 1987 "Attacked By Hunters"

I was standing outside the Gallia County Farmhouse; I was talking to my step-grandfather Clarence about people hunting on the Farm. I was against the hunters coming here; Clarence said he was too. I called him a "hypocrite" and pointed out that the Farm belonged to him and he allowed the hunters to come.

I then noticed that six men had gotten out of a vehicle and were standing in the yard next to the road. Obviously they were hunters and had come to ask permission to hunt. I told Clarence to let me handle it and I walked over toward them.

I immediately told them they wouldn't be allowed to hunt on the Farm. I rather aggressively explained that hunters had been killing all the deer and that I didn't want to see any more deer killed; the hunters would have to go elsewhere.

While I was talking, I realized the hunters were offended by what I was saying and that they might attack me. In fact, that was precisely why Clarence had never stood up to the hunters he had always been afraid of them. I also was apprehensive, but I figured if it came to a fight, I would just have to do the best I could to protect myself.

Finally it looked obvious that one husky-looking hunter was so angry he was going to attack me. He turned to face me and moved toward me. I realized how formidable he was, but I was calm and unafraid. Suddenly he lashed out at me and I defended myself. In short order, by expertly using some kind of martial art, I subdued him without suffering any injury myself.

A second hunter then attacked me with the same adroit ease, I incapacitated him. I then bent his body in half; I was slightly concerned that I might have seriously injured him. I threw his body back at the others.

I subdued a third hunter; finally one of the them picked up a pair of scissors and came toward me. By this time, I was inside the Farmhouse; I picked up two long butcher knives, one for each hand. I warned him that I would kill him if he tried to attack me with a weapon. And I would will indeed kill him; nevertheless he continued toward me.

If I had a gun, I would probably just blow his head off.

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