Dream of: 25 December 1987 (2) "Windsurfer"

I was on a windsurfer, a kind of boat/surfboard which had a sail. Louise was with me and together we were going down a river. I decided to go faster and leaned my body so that the sail was able to catch more wind. I began traveling very fast over the water; Louise was becoming frightened, but I didn't abate my speed.

Suddenly something went wrong and the boat turned over into the water. I wanted to save the boat, but decided to rescue Louise instead; I began groping for her in the water. Finally, I grabbed her and pulled her to shore; but I still searched the water with my eyes, trying to see my windsurfer.

Louise had swallowed a lot of water; she might be in danger of dying. When I began squeezing her to pump out the water, she no longer looked like a person, but a clean plastic bottle, like a bottle which might have once contained liquid dish-washing detergent. The bottle's cap (or what I thought of as Louise's head) was missing.

I pressed the bottle and water flowed out. I put my mouth over the bottle's top and sucked some water out, hoping to revive Louise; but there was no response and I began to realize she wasn't going to revive.

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