Dream of: 25 December 1987 "Lost Cat"

While riding a bus, I began talking with a man sitting a few rows behind me. The conversation turned to poetry and I recited an entire poem by T.S.Eliot to him. When I had finished, the man said he could tell from listening to me that I didn't really understand or have the feel for Eliot's poetry; the man suggested another poet for me.

I found his comments inappropriate and immediately told him that he didn't know what he was talking about. I said that Eliot was my favorite poet and that Eliot's poem "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" was my favorite poem. I even spoke out the first line of the poem to him.

The man seemed to be reconsidering what he had said. Meanwhile we both commented on a dark brown calico cat sitting on a seat across from me. I hadn't noticed the cat earlier and I could see that it was probably lost, not knowing where it would go.

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