Dream of: 16 December 1987 "No Causal Connection"

I was in an area which looked like the back yard of a house. Several people were gathered around. After a while I became involved in a contest in which another person and I acted like lawyers engaged in a trial. We each had clients and my client was a woman who had injured her back while the child of the other party had been in her care. It wasn't exactly clear to me how the back injury had, but my client was claiming the child had had something to do with it. I did know that at the time of the injury, the child had been crawling around on the ground of the back yard of my client.

I asked my client some questions, but I didn't seem to be doing a very good job, and finally I let the other person begin questioning my client.

Another tall man dressed in a black suit who reminded me of judge Issenberg (a Dallas judge) was standing here. He was apparently the person judging the contest. I began talking with him and the subject of his name came up. I asked him about his name and he finally told me that his middle name was Ratid. I found that to be a rather amusing name and I thought I could make fun of it if I wanted, but I didn't.

I sat down in a chair and he began massaging the scalp of my head with his hands. I wasn't used to anyone doing this and I was surprised by just how good it felt. I closed my eyes and I had a very vivid image of what looked like a neon sign with some kind of word in it. The word had two round letters which looked like kaleidoscopes and the colors in them were going around and changing rapidly.

Gradually I realized the other fellow was still questioning the woman. The woman continued talking and talking, and finally I stood up and said that I objected because the woman wasn't being responsive. But the judge just turned his head away and didn't respond to me. The woman in fact was now talking with someone else, apparently her husband, and their conversation seemed to be coming from a television or a radio. I point out that this was improper procedure, but the judge didn't pay any attention to me.

I sat back down and was painfully aware that I was losing the case. Finally I said to the judge, "I'm losing this case."

He said, "You had it won. She can't dance anymore."

He was referring to the fact that her injury had caused her not to be able to dance any more and she used to dance a lot. I replied, "I can see the damage. But I just don't see the causal connection."

What I meant was that I understand that she had an injury, but I was uncertain how to prove that the baby had caused the injury.

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