Dream of: 12 December 1987 (2) "Belabored"

Ed Bloemendaal and Don Block (Dallas acquaintances) were sitting at a table with me, having a conversation. As he talked, Bloemendaal (sitting across the table from me) tried to act very erudite and tried to use big words to make himself look like a learned person. He continued on and on and he seemed to think he was quite impressive. Finally I said to Bloemendaal, "I usually understand everything you say. But why is it that you have to belabor every point the way you do?"

I put quite a bit of emphasis on the word "belabor," since it seemed to be the exact word I was looking for to describe Bloemendaal's way of talking. Block chimed in and said "belabor" was the word he had had in mind too, to describe Bloemendaal's way of talking.

Bloemendaal closed the book in front of him and looked taken aback. He didn't answer my question, but at least he did begin talking in a much more relaxed and unpretentious manner. It was definitely an improvement.


Bloemendaal, Block and I were in a large brown car, still carrying on our conversation. Bloemendaal was in the driver's seat, Block was on the passenger side of the front seat and I was in the back. LaBrie (a female Dallas acquaintance) was also in the car and we all had a definite subject about which we were just about to begin talking, when someone walked up to the car -- a man with several days' growth of beard on his face. He was wearing a white tee shirt and a cap. Finally I recognized he was my old friend, Steve Buckner. I introduced him to the others in the car and I introduced them to him. I told everyone who Buckner was and he got in the car with us. As and Bloemendaal took off driving, I realized we were in Portsmouth, Ohio.

I felt in a happy-go-lucky mood; I asked Buckner how he had been. He told me he had rearranged his living accommodations here in Portsmouth. Apparently he was now living with a woman. He pointed to a woman standing in the middle of the road by a stop sign at the bottom of a hill we were headed down, and he indicated she was the woman with whom he was living. Another woman was with her. I mentioned something to Buckner about getting together with some women and going out to party. Then I said something silly and referring to how silly I was talking, I added, "That's what pot does to your mind."

I knew I hadn't smoked marijuana in years, but at the same time, it seemed as if I had taken a couple puffs of marijuana that very day. But part of the reason I had said something about marijuana was simply to alarm Bloemendaal, because I knew he had such a staunch anti-drug attitude. It seemed to me it would be healthy for him to lighten up some.

When we reached the bottom of the hill and I could see the two women (both probably in their late 20s) more clearly, they both looked pretty good, although not beautiful. They were both dressed up. I felt ready to have a good time. But thinking the others in the car (besides Buckner) might not be in the mood to go out and have a good time I said, "That's probably not what you all wanted to do."

I made it clear to them that we didn't have to go with Buckner and the women, but that the others also wanted to go, even Bloemendaal. Bloemendaal wanted to take part in the merriment, even if it meant enjoying himself vicariously by watching someone else. He wanted to be present and he didn't want to feel left out.

I was also unsure LaBrie was going to want to go with us and, referring to going out to have a good time, I said, "This is probably not what you had in mind."

She replied, "Ah, I don't mind."

Realizing she did indeed want to go with us, I turned to her and with a large smile on my face I responded,

"This is exactly what you had in mind, isn't it."

Meanwhile we had stopped in front of a small house from which the two women apparently had come. Bloemendaal stepped out of the car and peered into the house. He apparently wasn't able to control his bowels well, and he lumbered into the house to use the toilet.

I stepped out of the car and Block also got out. Block and someone else began running wildly up and down a nearby road behind some trees. I wasn't exactly sure what they were doing over there.

Finally the two women climbed into the back seat. I also wanted to get in the back seat with them, but I was unsure Bloemendaal was going to continue driving. I didn't have my glasses with me and I said something about not wanting to drive without them. Buckner had on his glasses and I thought perhaps I could borrow them, but I remembered his eyesight was different from mine. It was just beginning to get dark and I was unsure I wanted to drive at this time of day without any glasses. Also, it seemed I wasn't wearing any shoes and I was unsure I wanted to drive barefoot.

I felt as if I probably had the best driving abilities here. But I would prefer to get in the back seat with the women.

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