Dream of: 12 December 1987 "Evil Creature"

While I was sitting in a chair talking with a fellow, a woman walked up and began showing him something from a file which she had. Although the woman was showing the contents of one of the files in such a way so I wouldn't see it, I knew that the files contained pictures of Louise's new baby. I would like to see the pictures, but I didn't express any interest. Besides, I had already seen a picture and knew what the baby looked like. However, I noticed the fellow was holding one of the files under the other and I had the feeling he was sneaking the pictures out of the file without the woman's being aware of it.

Indeed, when the woman finally left, the fellow revealed that he had managed to pull two of the pictures out of the file; he showed them to me. Some other people gathered around and also began looking at the pictures. At first the pictures seemed like those of a normal baby; but upon closer scrutiny, it looked as if one picture was only of the hands, and those hands seemed bent and deformed, with long fingernails. They looked frightening and unnatural. I had the feeling that Louise had given birth to some kind of evil creature.

Just then another black-haired woman with two red bruises on the side of her face walked up. I learned almost immediately that this woman was the nanny of the new baby and that the marks upon the woman's face had apparently been inflicted by the baby. Something about the nanny seemed downright evil; it caused me to shudder.

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