Dream of: 11 December 1987 "Goal Of Meditation"

concentrate on the primary goal

My father and Ed Bloemendaal (whom I had recently met at the Dallas Zen Center) were sitting in a room with me, meditating. After the three of us had finished meditating, my father began talking with Ed and criticizing some of Ed's behavior. For example, my father complained about a portable cassette-player/radio which Ed owned. When new people would come to the Zen Center to meditate, Ed had the irksome habit of playing the cassette player to give the new people little messages. Sometimes Ed would even turn the cassette player on while we were all trying to meditate together. My father pointed out that it was distracting when Ed played these little messages and that Ed should try to concentrate more on meditating and less on broadcasting the messages.

Ed had previously been advised not to bring the device into the meditation room, but he just couldn't seem to get it straight in his mind that he caused a distraction with the cassette player. He seemed to have a failing in his nature which caused him to rely on the cassettes.

My father also mentioned that when the group practiced walking meditation, Ed waddled. I had noticed the same trait before: during walking meditation, Ed didn't keep his body straight, but tended to move his upper body and head back and forth from side to side in a waddling fashion. So I also mentioned to Ed that he tended to waddle. I even began aping the way he walked, waddling around the large room. As I did so, I was actually able to float along, not touching the ground with my feet.

I tried to emphasize to Ed that he needed to try to walk straighter without waddling, but I hesitated to talk with him about it, because Ed wasn't a particularly receptive person.

My good friend Eloise LaGrone (whom I had also met at the Zen Center) and a tall slender man were now with me in the meditation room of the Dallas Zen Center. Eloise sat down with her back against the wall, while the man lay down in front of her, perhaps with his head in her lap. When I placidly lay down on Eloise's right side with my head almost touching the wall, Eloise and the man began talking about a meditation group which had quickly sprung up all around the country. Many people had already joined the group and had begun training in it.

As I stretched impassively next to Eloise, I felt as if I would like to be closer to her, and I moved my head against her leg. I would just like to feel her touch me, perhaps stroke my hair. For an instant, I thought I might have actually felt her touch my head with her hand. Noticing that she seemed slightly distant at the moment, I thought perhaps she was interested in the other man, who seemed like a strong vigorous fellow. It didn't bother me if she liked the other man; I still felt comfortable being around them both.

As we began talking about meditation, I felt as if I should explain my need to meditate. I said to Eloise and the other man, "My goal is still to bring myself in as close a contact with God as I can. That's the only thing I'm really interested in doing."

Dream Commentary of March 8, 2015

I suspect that two people with the same dream-goal have a better prospect of reaching that goal if they concentrate together on the goal. Choosing that mutual goal is not the easiest task - so many goals exist in the world. However, just as members of a church are united in some of their central goals, so can dream-journalists unite their efforts to reach dream-goals.

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