Dream of: 08 December 1987 "Delayed Flight To Europe"

Louise and I were on our way to an airport which seemed to be in Athens, Ohio; I had made reservations for both of us on a flight to Europe. Although we were running a little late, we still had time to make it. But on the way, after we fell into an argument about something, I got out of the car and began walking down the road. To my surprise, Louise drove off and left me.

It was nasty weather out and seemed to be raining, although I didn't feel any rain. I kept walking until I reached a small town which contained a number of motels. I remembered having stayed once in a fairly nice motel on the other side of town which hadn't been too expensive. I headed for that motel, thinking Louise might be there waiting for me.

If she wasn't and I had to stay in the motel, I wondered if it would cause any problems because I didn't have a car. I tried to figure out how I would explain to the motel clerk why I was walking.

I passed some other motels along the way and saw their prices on their signs. They all seemed fairly expensive. Finally I reached the motel for which I had been searching. It was called "Marriot." I looked for the car Louise was driving, a blue Chrysler Imperial, but it was nowhere in sight. I tried to decide what to do.

The more I thought about how Louise had left me stranded, the more ill feelings were engendered toward her. She had already sued me for divorce; I had planned to just give her the divorce without any problems. But now I wasn't so sure. She had an insurance policy which provided that if she got a divorce from me, she would collect quite a bit of money. I might try to find out more about that. If she went to Europe, I might use my discovery rights in the court to force her to send me any documents which I wanted to see.

I was also concerned about the airline tickets for which I had already paid. I might be able to get my money back if we didn't show up for the flight, but I was unsure.


I was in a car with a couple who seemed like my step-grandfather Clarence and my grandmother Mabel, but who didn't look like them. The man was driving up and down the same road on which I had earlier been walking; we were looking for Louise. The man and woman both seem distressed that Louise and I were having problems.

We reached the Marriot where I saw a car in the parking lot which looked like the blue Chrysler Imperial. We pulled up close to the car and I got out of our car to look. The car was covered with snow, so it was difficult to tell at first. After I wiped some of the snow off the right front window so I could see in, I was sure this was the car Louise had been driving.

I walked into the reception room of the motel and there I saw Louise talking on the phone. She immediately walked over to me. She didn't seem angry but seemed excited because she was afraid we would miss our flight if we didn't hurry. I immediately called the airline and was told we still had time because our flight had been delayed due to snow. I told the airline's agent to hold our tickets and not sell them because we were on our way.

Louise seemed quite friendly and now seemed ready to embark with me on the trip to Europe. I still felt uneasy; but I was glad we were actually going to be going.

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