Dream of: 07 December 1987 "Gray Feather"

I was strolling along the sidewalk next to a park which looked like Mound Park in Portsmouth, when I noticed a large bird flying low overhead. My eyes followed it and I saw it was carrying something. Finally I concluded that it was either an eagle or a hawk, probably a hawk, and that it was carrying a large blue jay in its talons. I had never known of hawks to hunt blue jays and I found the sight highly intriguing.

The bird landed on a large outstretched limb of a nearby tree and I could see the blue jay was still alive. The jay seemed to be struggling to free itself and some feathers fell off, some even in a big clump. Then I noticed a small whitish owl sitting a little farther up on the tree limb and I thought maybe the big bird was actually an owl.

Suddenly, unexpectedly, the blue jay broke free and awkwardly began flying away. I followed its uncertain flight with my eyes, and finally I concluded it would probably survive.

I walked over and picked up one of the fallen feathers. In my hand the feather looked gray instead of blue. It resembled what I would have expected a mockingbird's feather to look like. I thought if I showed the feather to anyone and told him what I seen, no one would believe the bird had actually been a blue jay.

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