Dream of: 04 December 1987 (2) "Admissible Evidence"

Ellen and I were with Mike Walls and a red-haired girlfriend of Mike's. We were all being questioned by a prosecuting attorney concerning some criminal allegations against Mike. I defended Mike and took a hard stance against the prosecutor.

Afterwards, as I was driving a car with Ellen, I began to think that the prosecutor might try to file criminal charges against both Mike and me for having sex with a minor. In my case, I could be charged with having had sex with Ellen. When I began discussing the possibility with Ellen, I was dismayed to learn that she didn't want to talk about the matter with me. It was beginning to look to me as if she might possibly testify against me. When I reached Ellen's house and she got out of the car, I noticed Ellen's older sister (who looked a bit like Sissy Spacek) standing in the doorway of her house. The sister was probably in her mid 20s and I reflected about how much better off I would have been to have been involved with the sister instead of with Ellen.

Later I again spoke with the prosecuting attorney. This time I was much more cooperative. He let me know that he was thinking about filling charges against me. I tried to be as helpful as possible, hoping he wouldn't file any charges.

While at a courthouse, I encountered Mike's girlfriend sitting on a bench. She appeared to be crying. Boley (a Dallas female attorney) was standing next to her. I motioned Boley over to the side and Boley told me Mike's girlfriend wanted to see an attorney. I knew immediately that was bad news and that the girlfriend had probably decided to testify against Mike. That could also mean that Ellen would decide to testify against me.

As I descended some escalators, I talked with someone about the possibility of my going to trial. I wondered what it would be like being a defendant in a courtroom, and I wondered what kind of evidence would be admitted. I tried to remember whether I ever used any drugs with Ellen and whether that would be admissible. It seemed as if I might have used some kind of hallucinogen once with her. It certainly wouldn't be good if that fact were brought out at the trial.

The person with whom I was talking said that if I was convicted I would probably have to do five years in prison and then receive five years of parole, but I thought I would probably receive probation and not even have to go to prison. I mentioned that I would probably lose my Texas law license. Since I was in Ohio, however, I thought maybe somehow no one in Texas would find out about my being convicted and I wouldn't lose my license.

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