Dream of: 04 December 1987 "Misrepresentation"

I was talking on the phone with Birdie and I was planning to see her. When I had finished talking, I hung up the phone, but then picked it up and heard Birdie talking with another man. I quickly realized that she was talking with Rick (Birdie's husband), and that Rick apparently had heard the very last part of the conversation Birdie had had with me. He asked her who she had been talking with and she told him it was me. Rick seemed very concerned. He also seemed like a very gentle and caring person, not at all like I might have expected him to be. It also appeared that he and Birdie weren't living together, although she had given me the impression that they were still married and living together. Rick asked Birdie what I had wanted and, referring to me, she replied, "He's started beating me again."

Rick seemed very concerned and I was shocked that Birdie would say something like that. Obviously she was telling Rick complete lies about me, and I realized she had also probably told me many lies about Rick.

I decided to speak up right then on the phone. I said something and I immediately heard Birdie hang up. But Rick was still there and I said to him, "Rick, I just caught the tale end of that conversation. You know I have never talked with you and you have never talked with me. And I feel that Birdie has represented me to you in ways that are very different from the way I really am. In fact I am sure that she has simply lied to you about me. And I feel that you are a much different person than what Birdie has represented you to me to be. So if you would like to talk with me, I'm here to talk with and I'd be happy to talk right now."

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