Dream of: 03 December 1987 "Paid For By The Church"

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I was sitting in an airline terminal around midday planning to catch a plane to Europe around 6 p.m., when it suddenly occurred to me that I might be able to catch an earlier flight and not have to sit around here all day. In fact, I had the feeling that a flight was going to be leaving in about fifteen minutes.

I asked a man working there to help me, but he became involved with something else and apparently he forgot all about me. Finally I asked him again and he got on the phone. I could hear the person with whom he was talking call him "Slop," and I thought that was a good name for this fellow.

A plane was found which which I could take immediately and I hurried toward it. Just as I reached the plane, however, I realized I was also planning to take a dolphin with me to Europe and that the dolphin was supposed to be transported in a special water tank on the evening flight. When I reached the plane, almost everyone else had already boarded and the plane was going to take off in about seven more minutes. It didn't look as if there would be time to arrange to have my dolphin taken on this flight, but I decided to try anyway, and I quickly learned it would be possible.

The ticket still had to be paid for, but I myself wasn't going to pay for it. Instead it was being paid for by a priest of the Catholic Church. The portly priest, dressed in a red outfit, stepped up and I began telling him the cost. As he wrote down the figures, I told him it would cost about $1,000 extra for the water tank for the dolphin. He wrote everything down on a piece of paper on which I finally signed my name, "Steven Collier." I then said, "Thank you father."

He seemed a bit concerned about the amount of the ticket, which was going to cost over $4,000. Nevertheless he finally approved and I boarded.

As the plane was getting ready for take off, I felt so glad to be on board, no matter if it had cost the Catholic Church a lot. Anyway, the Catholic Church was rich and could afford it.

I seemed to be in flight when I began to realize that I was actually taking a horse to Europe. The horse wasn't mine - it belonged to another fellow with whom I had talked just before leaving. The fellow's father had been with him and the two of them had decided to let me take the horse with me for a while to Europe. I had figured I could keep the horse in a stable, and the idea had seemed like a good one at first. I had thought about how I had recently looked at how horses had appeared in my dreams and how I had liked seeing horses in my dreams. Now that I would be coming in such close, daily contact with a horse, I would be sure to dream more about horses, and that idea had excited me.

Now that I thought more about it, however, I began to see more clearly the problems involved in taking care of the horse. First, having a horse wouldn't be like having a car which I could drive from town to town. In fact, I would be tied down to the area where the horse was stabled. I would have to see it every day and take care of it. Hopefully I might at least be able to meet some women at the stables.

I also wondered about how the horse would be affected by being away from its owner for so long and whether the horse would get used to me. I decided to simply try to be as close to the horse as it would allow. While I thought, I suddenly visualized the horse lying out in a field. It had just given birth to a colt lying beside it. It was a beautiful sight.

I was no longer flying in the plane. I was simply flying on my own through the air, along with two men who appeared to be my companions. I could look down at large mountains. In fact, the way I was flying, I almost seemed to be in a helicopter, and the mountains seemed to be rising up around me. The view was splendidly beautiful. The mountains reminded me of the Rockies in Colorado, and I could hardly believe how beautiful they were. I said, "Please don't let me ever have to return to Dallas."

I just wanted to absorb as much of this wonderful beauty as possible. I could see a river below and the waters appeared dark blue. Then I noticed some water had started rushing down the river from upstream and one of my companions said that a dam had just been opened allowing the new water to flow down. When the new water hit the other water in the stream, the two waters mixed together like different colors of paint. I noticed a large area of brilliant yellow in the mixture.

Ahead of me was a large waterfalls. The water falling over the falls was a deep blue and I became almost mesmerized by the beauty of the falls as I flew closer and closer to it. Suddenly, things began happening very fast. I discovered that my companions and I had fallen into the water. It seemed as if a piece of fishing line was wrapped around my foot and as if someone was pulling me toward the shore with it.

The images of the mountains were still in my mind. I began imagining a winding road threading through the mountains and it occurred to me how the setting would make good material for a scary story. Actually I would like to begin practicing telling scary stories to people and as my mind traveled along the windy road, I thought about how I could sit down with someone and just slowly begin describing the country road winding along through this isolated section of the mountains. I could tell of passing a few houses until finally my two companions and I arrived at what looked like a recently-built house which appeared to be uninhabited.

Since the three of us were lost here, we walked on inside. Sitting all around was furniture made mostly of wood, such as cabinets and dressers. As we walked through the rooms, a couple times, I thought I saw someone cross a door in one of the other rooms. The tension slowly mounted as I proceeded from room to room without actually encountering anyone, but still feeling as if someone else was in the house.

Suddenly I turned a corner and was startled to run into a man who looked a lot like George Burns, but he was simply one of my companions whom I hadn't recognized at first. My other companion (who reminded me a bit of my friend Jon whom I first met in 1981 when we started law school together) walked up and as the three of us were standing there puzzling over the house, a green dog, which looked a bit like a poodle, ran past me, and I decided that the green dog was what I had seen moving in the rooms before.

The three of us started walking up the stairs to the next floor. I was still thinking about how this scene would make a good background for a scary story, and I thought back about what had occurred and how if I were telling the story, I would descriptively emphasize such things as the wooden furniture below. I would slowly proceed, trying to create as much tension in the telling of the story as I could.

When I reached the upstairs, and I was standing on the top stairs, I saw before me two beds covered by white blankets, and what appeared to be the forms of two people under the blankets. I felt a tremor pass through my body. Here was where the story obviously became earnest. What was going on here? I was caught up myself in what I saw before me, and I wondered if the forms below the sheets were actually humans, and if so, whether they were alive or dead.

I daringly reached out and grabbed the covers from the beds and pulled them off. Before me, I saw the forms of two people, a man and a woman. One was in one bed and one in the other. They appeared to be dead or frozen and I didn't detect any movement. They were probably each in their late 30s. Apparently they had died here. What a wealth of tension there was here for a story. My mind raced ahead as to how my two companions and I could continue living in this house even while the bodies lay above. What tension that would create in the story.

Suddenly, however, something totally unexpected happened. The two bodies slowly began rising up to a sitting position in bed. This was more frightening than I had anticipated and in frozen, perplexed silence I stared at the two bodies sitting in front of me.

Dream Commentary of March 7, 2015

Unlike the members of a church, the members of the Dream Journal are given the opportunity to glance into the unconscious minds of their fellow members. Not only does the unconscious mind contain aritfacts and memories, but also the intelligent Source of dreams which uses the raw material of the unconscious mind to create stories containting messages for the conscious mind: dreams.

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