Dream of: 01 December 1987 "Ancient Sad Myth"

I was on the second day of a 30 day vacation and had arrived somewhere in eastern Asia. I was on a beach and might actually be on an island. I sensed the sea around me. There was much sand and high craggy rocks. I felt uplifted and free.

A couple men and a woman were with me. It seemed as if they had arrived with me, but actually they appeared to be natives living in this picturesque place. They had very brown skin and dark black hair and were scantily clad. The woman might not even be wearing a top.

Somewhere nearby was a large, dark green-colored statue of a sitting Buddha exactly like the famous sitting Buddha in Japan. I somehow seemed to see it all around me, in one way or another; it was a beautiful sight. Yet at the same time I didn't concentrate directly on it. It seemed like an extremely beautiful statue and its presence made me feel very good. It seemed to presage what a wonderful trip this was going to be. I wasn't even sure where I was or where I was going, but I felt confident every day was going to be a new adventure.

One of the men, the woman and I found three spire-like towers which appeared to be composed of baked sand. I soon found myself at the top of one of the spires and I could see my two companions on the top of two neighboring spires. The spires were probably 30 meters tall and only a couple meters in circumference. I reached the top by means of a bright, silver ladder which came right up through a hole in the center of the spire. I had a marvelous view from up here and it seemed that in the distance I could just barely see the head of the sitting Buddha.

Suddenly I noticed the man and woman had disappeared, but after a short wait, I saw them appear again at the top of their spires. I thought they had gone all the way to the bottom and had returned, but it puzzled me how they could have done that so quickly. I decided to descend myself, and I quickly realized I could grab onto the sides of the ladder inside the spire and simply slide down. As I began sliding, I imagined the others doing the same, and it almost seemed like a race to see who could reach the bottom first.

When I reached the bottom, I saw the woman standing off by herself. She was quite beautiful and I was attracted to her. But I thought she was already taken by one of the other men. Nevertheless I decided I would try to talk with her and without further thought I ran across the sand to where she was and I tackled her legs, pulling her into the sand beside me. She seemed surprised by what I had done, but she didn't resist.

I began talking to her, trying to find out more about her. I asked her if she belonged to one of the men. She indicated that she did, but that she didn't care for him and that he treated her badly. She said he didn't even consider her his friend by saying, "Nisiquiera soy su amiga."

But apparently she was at least friends and perhaps even cared somewhat for, the other man, who was standing not far away watching me.

As she continued talking, I lay on my back in the sand. Actually it seemed that I might have discussed her plight once before with her, but that I hadn't expressed any emotion. This time I felt as if no one was watching and I allowed tears to form in my eyes and run down the sides of my face as I listened to her moving story. It was so sadly beautiful. It seemed like some ancient, sad myth she was telling me. The tears seemed to have a refreshing effect on me and made me feel quite good.

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