Dream of: 27 November 1987 (2) "Wad Of Money"

I was walking along in what appeared to be an inside mall when I noticed what looked like a wad of money lying on the ground up ahead of me. I continued looking at it as I approached it and finally I saw that it is indeed a thick wad of bills, and lying close by was another single bill, perhaps a ten. While I hesitated for a moment, unsure whether I should pick up the money, a young blonde woman (probably in her early 20s) stepped in front of me. I quickly tried to decide whether I should pick up the wad or the single bill, and before I did anything, the woman picked up the wad. I immediately then picked up the single bill and turned to the woman.

She was quite beautiful. We talked for a moment and I told her I had been just about to pick up the wad of money. She held it for a moment and then simply handed it over to me. I told her that if I didn't find the owner, I would get in touch with her and I would split it with her. She gave me her address and departed.


I was walking on alone thinking about the money. I had counted it and there was almost $800. What bothered me though was that if I would have simply picked up the money first, I wouldn't now have to split it with the woman. I thought how beautiful women like that usually wouldn't pick up anything off the ground. But she certainly hadn't hesitated to pick up that wad of money!

I really didn't have to give her half of the money. It seemed as if I were in New York City and in a city this large, I might never see her again. I hadn't even given her my address. Perhaps I would simply keep all the money and not contact her again. If I ever did encounter her, I could just say I had lost the money.

While I was thinking the matter over I began going up either some stairs or an escalator. As I ascended, I realized my pants were pulled down below my thighs and that my nude butt was visible to anyone who might be on the stairs behind me.

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