Dream of: 27 November 1987 "Turned Into A Horse"

Mr. Pensata (a legal client in his mid 20s) had been arrested, had been convicted of a crime and had been sentenced to life imprisonment. He had been placed in my custody so I could take him somewhere. I turned him over to a fellow who reminded me of Beasley and I told the fellow where he was supposed to take Pensata.


The fellow later returned and told me he had taken Pensata to a country area and left him behind some fences there. I realized those fences could easily be climbed over and Pensata could escape from that area. I immediately went there and found that Pensata had already escaped.


When I found Pensata, he was contemplating what he would do now that he had escaped. He realized he had somehow been turned partially into a horse. It wasn't exactly clear, but it seemed that his lower body was now like a horse's and he had four legs. He was looking at an abstract piece of art which seemed to show that his head had been turned into that of a horse. He thought he might be able to run faster through the woods now and escape from anyone who might be trying to catch him.

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