Dream of: 21 November 1987 "Coyote"

I was in a building into which I had moved in New York City. I felt good there, as if New York was where I belonged. I felt as if I fit into New York and as if New York made me feel strong.

My old friend from Portsmouth, Weinstein, lived in New York. I thought perhaps I would visit him, even though he clearly had little to do with my being in New York.


On the floor of the building where I was, stretched a fairly large rectangular hallway which I decided to run around. I began moving along the wooden floor of the hallway, but I was able to do so without actually moving my feet. I had developed the ability to simply slide along on the floor, even at a fairly fast pace. It felt exhilarating. Finally I did begin moving my legs and I ran as fast as I could around the hallway. I had to be careful not to run into the walls when I reached the ends. As I ran, I began making some noise with my mouth something like panting but more with a pronounced hard sound such as "bu, bu, bu."

As I turned one corner, I saw a thin brown-haired woman (probably in her late 20s), wearing blue jeans and a blue shirt, standing nearby and I figured she could probably hear the sound I was making. I hoped she wasn't disturbed by the sound. It seemed that several people were living there on the floor with me and that she was one of them. I didn't know her well, but I thought I probably would get to know her.


I was in a room on the floor of the building where I had been sleeping and I had just awakened. I was quite disoriented as I stood from the bed and began pulling on some pants. I was wearing a pair of under-shorts. The door to my room was open and I saw a woman (perhaps the same one I had seen earlier) standing outside in the hall. I quickly shut the door, but I heard the woman say it wasn't necessary for me to be concerned about her seeing me.

Finally dressed, I walked out to where she was and I spoke with her. She mentioned she was going to a meeting where the topic was coyotes and she asked me if I would like to go with her. I wasn't very interested. Surely there was something better to do in New York than listen to someone talk about coyotes.

It seemed as if the woman was attracted to me, and I rather liked that, although I didn't feel all that attracted to her. Actually I felt slightly uncomfortable talking with her. Suddenly it occurred to me that while I had been sleeping I had had a dream and that I now needed to write the dream. I mumbled something to the woman about writing my dream and it made me feel slightly self-important that I wrote my dreams, as if that somehow made me special.

I walked over to my computer, which was sitting on a table and I flipped two switches to turn both it and the printer on. When I sat down and began typing, words began appearing on the screen. At one point I wanted to erase something and I held my finger on the erase button. The words moved quickly across the screen as they were being erased. When there were just blank spaces, the screen moved extremely quickly. Some dots also finally began moving across the screen.

Finally, to my chagrin, part of a previous dream which I had written flashed across the screen and part of the first line was erased. I quickly looked over what was left of the dream. It had something to do with Fyodor Dostoievsky. It seemed to me that the part which had been erased had said something about some doctors wanting to see Dostoievsky for something. I thought about canceling everything I had just written and returning to a backup file in the computer so I could retrieve what I had accidentally erased of the previous dream.


It occurred to me I might start giving my dreams names. If I began with this dream, I thought I was going to name it "Coyote."

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