Dream of: 17 November 1987 (2) "Philosophize Disgrace"

I walked into what appeared to be a nightclub in Columbus, Ohio. Since it was night and people were gathered out front, I was a bit apprehensive at first. Inside I noticed a marquee which seemed to display the names of movies which were also playing in the building. I walked over to a water fountain and saw a square hole in the ceiling above it. I climbed onto the fountain and pulled myself up through the hole, to where the night club actually was. I noticed a small ladder up there, and I thought it should be put down below so people could use it to climb up, instead of having to climb up on the water fountain.

Once I was upstairs, it seemed as if I were in the cab of a truck, riding along singing a song. I sang a Bob Dylan song, "You who philosophize disgrace, and criticize all fears, take the rag away from your face, for now is the time for your tears."

I heard someone else singing off key over to the side. I looked and saw my brother Chris down below me in another section of the truck. He was singing off key and was interrupting my singing.

I was sitting on the right of the seat, and when I looked down I noticed a large gray rat, perhaps over half a meter long, sitting there looking out the window. I tried to push it out the window, but it was so big I couldn't budge it. I was afraid it was going to turn around and bite me. Then I heard Chris say something about a big rat being down there with him. I thought it couldn't be any bigger than the one up there with me. I really didn't know what I was going to do.

I was driving and it was difficult for me to do anything. If the rat attacked me I would be in real trouble.

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