Dream of: 15 November 1987 "Meditation Hall"

I was in the front room of the Dallas Zen Center. It was almost time for a scheduled meditation period and quite a few people were sitting around the room waiting to go next door into the meditation hall. Most faces were unfamiliar to me and I was unsure any of these people had ever meditated here before. Finally I asked and it turned out that most had meditated here before at least once, but this was the first time for two or three. Someone needed to quickly show them what to do since it was almost time to begin. I poked my head into a neighboring room trying to find someone with experience to show the newcomers the procedure. Finally I found someone to show them.

I began to realize we might not have enough room in the meditation hall for everyone here. It looked as if there might be over 20 people present and we only had space for about 15. I began thinking about how we could make more space. Perhaps I could sit on the mat which was in the front of the room in front of the statue of the Buddha. But that might look too much to others as if I were trying to act like the leader. Maybe if I just pulled that mat around to the side along with the other mats it would be acceptable.

It seemed as if I were the only one taking control of the situation. I supposed I would be the one to lead the meditation ceremony, since I was probably the most capable one here. I wished this place was more organized to better accommodate new people when they came. But since it wasn't, I supposed I would simply have to do the best I could today.

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