Dream of: 06 November 1987 (2) "First To Die"

My step-grandfather Clarence, my grandmother Mabel and I had gone into one of the back bottom fields on the Gallia County Farm where there was a large cow with big horns. The cow had been running loose and had become quite wild. This cow had led the rest of Clarence's cows away and Clarence had come out here to chase it. Suddenly the cow took off running in circles around the herd of cows and Clarence began chasing it.

My grandmother and I watched as Clarence ran just as fast as he could. We were both worried he might have a heart attack.

Clarence was trying to grab the tail of the cow and finally he succeeded. But the cow pulled him along and finally he let go. Then he stumbled, clasped his hands over his chest and fell to the ground.

I immediately ran over to him. All the time he had been chasing the cow, he had also been carrying a large double barreled shotgun. I was also carrying a shotgun, but mine wasn't as good as Clarence's. When I reached Clarence, he was lying on his back and was conscious. I picked up his gun, because the cow was standing near us and I was afraid it might charge us and injure us with its large horns. If it did charge, I planned to shoot it. The barrels of the gun had fallen down and I pulled them back up.

I noticed Dale Finn and Brenda Finn (neighbors who lived about 2 kilometers away from the Farm) had come out into the field and were standing next to my grandmother under a tree. The tree was very large and had two large branches in the shape of a V. My grandmother began climbing up the tree, which was extremely high, and went all the way to the top of one of the branches. She was wearing a dress. It was incredible to me that she was up in the tree at the top of one of the branches.

Dale likewise climbed up the tree, but he just shimmied up to the place where the two branches of the V were together.

I mentioned to Clarence that my grandmother Mabel was up in the tree. I continued watching her until she sat down right up in the very top. Suddenly she bent back, slipped and started to fall. I had been afraid that was going to happen. Her legs were arched and she looked like a V as she fell back out of the tree. I watched in shock as she plummeted into the branches of a smaller tree, hang there for a moment and then fell on down to the ground.

I looked at Clarence and said, "Grandma's fallen out of the tree and she's probably dead."

I ran toward her as fast as I could. Brenda had also run to her. I began trying to feel a pulse but couldn't feel any. She looked terrible and I thought she was probably dead. She looked quite pale and I finally concluded she was dead. I ran back to Clarence, knelt down beside him and said, "Grandma's dead. She's fallen out of a tree."

I thought about the inheritance and wondered what the ramifications would be since my grandmother apparently had died first. Even though Clarence might die right now, my grandmother would still have died first.

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