Dream of: 06 November 1987 "Psychiatry"

I had apparently just begun working as a psychologist or a psychiatrist. An older man came in to see me and we discussed what he had been doing. It turned out that he had recently been smoking some marijuana. Not only had he smoked in his youth, but he had also started smoking again recently. I myself began wondering what smoking would be like, but even though I hadn't smoked any for a long time, I decided I shouldn't begin again now.

The man and I continued talking. He had some other problems. He reminded me some of my father and once I even called him "Dad." I told him that my calling him "Dad" was a mistake and then I explained that he somewhat reminded me of my father.

I discovered that he had recently been involved in an auto chase in which he had tried to escape from the police. He had driven all the way to New York and even though he had passed through several police roadblocks, the police had never been able to catch him.

When the end of the session arrived, I realized I was actually in the man's house on Scioto Trail on the north side of Portsmouth. I had a big knapsack with me which was full of things. Originally I had thought the man would drive me home, but when I told him I thought I would just walk, he didn't offer to take me. I told him I would contact him later about our next meeting. I also realized that he hadn't yet paid me for the meeting.

Carrying my knapsack, I walked outside. I thought I was going to have to take a bus to wherever I was going. That would be a hassle.

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