Dream of: 05 November 1987 "Needed Repairs"

My brother Chris and I were next to the little creek behind the Gallia County Farmhouse and Chris was playing in the water. Not far from Chris in the creek was a horse which belonged to my step-grandfather Clarence. I also saw a bull there. Suddenly the horse and the bull saw me and ran away.

When I looked back to where Chris was supposed to be, he wasn't there. I hollered for him and then saw he was floating on his back down the stream. I ran to where he was and pulled him from the water. I then took him up to the Farmhouse.

When we reached the Farmhouse, Clarence and my grandmother Mabel pulled up in a car. I mentioned to them that it looked as if the pillars holding up the back porch were getting old and might need to be replaced. They said they needed some help in changing the pillars. But I was getting ready to leave the Farm and I realized that would be a big job. To change the pillars, all the wood on the floor of the porch would also have to be changed. But my grandparents didn't seem to be requiring the wood on the floor be changed, although they did want the pillars to be changed.

I noticed a two by four board under one of the pillars and I kicked it. The pillar then came loose and just hung there.

I then looked at the floor and noticed a quarter in a crack there. I pick up the quarter up and then noticed some other coins. Clarence then said he had dropped the coins earlier. I picked up the coins and gave them to Mabel.

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