Dream of: 19 October 1987 (3) "Continuing The Dream"

I was talking with a woman who reminded me both of my good Dallas friend Eloise LaGrone and Sussie (my sweetheart when I was 16). The woman was probably in her mid 30s and was dressed in a long skirt and a casual blouse. We were both discussing fairly long dreams which we had had and we both decided to write our dreams down and show them to someone. I left to write my dream, returned and began showing the dream to someone.

The woman then also returned, carrying one page on which she had printed part of her dream in large black letters. When she tried to explain why she hadn't written her entire dream, I was somewhat disappointed, because I had wanted to see the whole dream. Since she hadn't written the entire dream, she acted as if she didn't want me to read any of what she had written. But I wanted to read it and as she started to pull it away, I grabbed it and began looking at it.

As I looked at the page, I began to become lucid and realize I was dreaming. I felt so close to awakening, I wondered whether I should even continue with the dream. I remembered, however, that I had previously thought about this type of situation, and that I had decided when I felt as if I were about to awake from a dream, I would continue with the dream anyway, even if I felt as if I might be partially awake.

I decided what I really wanted to do was read what the woman had written. I looked over the page and noticed some of the ink seemed to have run on the page, as if water had been spilt on the page. As I tried to read, I was simply unable to distinguish any words.

I set the page aside and the woman and I began talking. The subject of marriage arose and we agreed we weren't interested in marrying each other. We talked about places where we wouldn't want to get married. When it seemed the conversation had ended, I prepared to leave. Just as I was about to depart, however, I was surprised to hear the woman sing out, "Where would you want to get married?"

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