Dream of: 19 October 1987 (2) "Smashed Bananas" 

I was in a room engaging in some sexual activity with a girl who was my sister (not my actual sister), about 13-14 years old. We continued with the sexual activity for quite a while until we both finally grew tired and she said she was going to go upstairs.

I followed her to her bedroom and told her I wanted to continue with the sex. She took off her top so she was nude from the waist up. I sat down close to her, pulled her to me and began kissing one breast. She was in a hurry, however, and she didn't want to continue.

Another girl about the same age was also in the room and she likewise was nude from the waist up. I recognized the girl as one of my sister's friends (when my sister had been 13-14 years old). I looked at the girl's breasts, which were rather small. I wanted to take a good look at them, because once before when I had seen them I hadn't looked at them closely.

My sister and the girl were both going to go somewhere together. I became upset at the idea of my sister going out and I began severely criticizing her. I told her she was going to use drugs and become a prostitute. I said, "And then you're going to go out and sell yourself. You're going to sell your pussy."

As I said that, I grabbed her pubic region. I continued, "And then you're going to catch AIDS."

I also mentioned something about "squirting heroin." I was trying to portray to her how terrible her life would become if she began going out with a bunch of different fellows as she was apparently intending to do. She seemed to pay some attention to me, but she was still determined to go. She headed for the door and I followed her.


I was standing outside and several people were gathered around, although I didn't know exactly why. For some reason someone carried up a bunch of about 20 bananas and laid them on the ground. I walked over and crouched down on my hands and knees beside the bananas. Even though the bananas belonged to someone else, I began furiously pounding on them and squashing them with both my fists. As a crowd gathered around me, I made sure I completely squashed every single banana.

I had felt as if I simply had to smash up the bananas, but after it was over I didn't know why or for what purpose. Finally I rose and I began talking with someone. I said that they just brought out the bananas to make a fool of me.

I didn't feel afraid of anyone here, but I did feel a bit threatened by some of the people. A fellow in the crowd who reminded me of J.B. Biggs (a former Portsmouth acquaintance) said something to me and I pulled my fist back as if I were going to fight with him. I told him I didn't want to fight, but I would if he wanted to. When he backed off, I turned my back to him and I walked away. Someone said to me that I shouldn't turn my back on anyone. But I had some younger friends around me and someone mentioned that I wasn't worried because I had them to shield me in case I was attacked from behind.

As I headed back into the house, I noticed not far away a group of perhaps 20-25 people standing in lined formation. They began to move and I realized they posed some threat to me. I began running toward the house and I entered it. The house was very large and as soon as I was inside I noticed a second group of people standing in formation inside the house. I thought they might also attack me.

Standing in the house, I saw myself in a mirror. I was wearing something black, but my turned-back lapels were dark red. I had black hair and I reminded myself of an Italian. I seemed somewhat sinister. I felt quite haughty and important. I also felt strong and muscular and I was confident that no one was going to try to bother me.

As I was standing near the large, double, front doors of the house, a man walked in and began asking me questions. I realized he was a police detective. I was unsure what he was investigating and I said, "I'm a lawyer. You know it and I know it. And you're breaking and entering."

He didn't have a warrant. I made a motion as if I were pulling back my fist. He turned, walked back out front and began talking with someone there. Although I was still unsure what he wanted, I felt good about having made him leave.

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