Dream of: 19 October 1987 "A Dangerous Man" 

A woman who was my mother (not my actual mother) had recently married a man. I suspected that this man had been involved in some crimes, perhaps murders of young women whom he had previously married. I told my mother of my suspicions.

Afterwards, my mother, a woman who was my sister (not my actual sister), my mother's new husband and I all boarded a car which my mother was driving. My sister, the man and I all sat in the back. I was on the left, the man was in the middle and my sister was on the right. I watched the man look at my sister in the eyes and hold her gaze for a moment. I immediately knew my suspicions were correct about the man. I wanted to tell my mother. I leaned over the front seat and whispered in my mother's left ear, "He's the one."

My mother replied, "I know. I saw."

When the man saw my mother and me talking, he leaned forward as if he were trying to listen. I changed the subject and began talking about something else. But my mother and I were both feeling very uncomfortable because we both now knew that the man was dangerous and that we needed to do something about him.

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