Dream of: 16 October 1987 (3) "Learning To Hypnotize"

I was moving into a large old brick house in the country; several other people were also going to be living here. We were going to be living basically on a communal type basis.

When I arrived, more than ten cars were parked in the garage under the house. I wondered if the police think something illegal was going on here. We must make it perfectly clear to everyone that no drugs would be used in the house. I had thought I might someday use some hallucinogenic mushrooms, but I decided prohibition of all drugs would be best.

I walked into the house and immediately encountered an Hispanic-looking fellow who reminded me somewhat of Rufino (a fellow I had met). I told him my idea that no drugs could be used in the house and he was in complete agreement.

I walked into a large dining room where the others were gathering for a meeting. Across the room was a woman whom I had known years and years before. She recognized me and headed toward me. I couldn't remember her name at first, but then realized she was my good Dallas friend Eloise. It seemed I now knew several people named Eloise. She walked up to me and we hugged each other tightly. I was happy to see her and she sat down beside me.

Someone stood up behind a podium and began speaking about the group. He said he was going to have someone here explain something about court orders. I knew it wasn't I who was going to be explaining, even though I was probably the only lawyer in the group.


A fellow (probably in his late teens or early 20s) had entered the house. I was unsure if he lived next door or was going to live in the house. We talked and during the conversation he mentioned he was interested in hypnosis. I told him I was also interested in hypnosis and we immediately focused in on that subject. I told him a couple other women were also in the house who were interested in hypnosis and he told me he had a friend who was also interested. I became quite interested. I thought we could all begin working together learning how to hypnotize.

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