Dream of: 15 October 1987 "Dark Sunglasses"

While I was walking around in a mall, I noticed a pair of dark sunglasses which someone had apparently dropped lying in front of me. I walked on by, but then I stopped and thought the sunglasses looked pretty good. So I turned around and headed back to them. Just when I reached them, a large Hispanic-looking fellow picked them up and put them on. I walked past him without saying anything. I turn back, however, walked up to him, and got his attention. I didn't say anything to him, but I began motioning to him to give me the sunglasses. Although I wasn't speaking, I was trying to let him know that the glasses were mine.

At first he appeared reluctant to give me the glasses. Finally, however, he handed them to me and I put them on. He walked away and I walked over to either a glass or mirror where I could see myself. The sunglasses looked quite large and looked good on me. I thought, "That's just what I wanted. I never wear sunglasses. I haven't worn sunglasses in a very long time."

They felt quite good as I walked out into the light. I began walking down a crowded sidewalk which seemed to be in Dallas. I had been carrying some things with me, among which was a loaf of bread. I didn't know why I had brought the bread with me, but I had been carrying it for a long time. It also seemed as if I had a large pie with me. I wanted to get rid of the bread, but I didn't want to just throw it away since I had just bought it. I shouldn't have brought it with me.

I walked through a place where bread was being sold and I hoped no one thought I had stolen the bread which I had. The sidewalk seemed to be crowded with a lot of different stuff and it appeared that many Hispanic people were here selling things on the sidewalk. I thought that was just like Hispanics. I didn't think they should come up to this country and crowd up the sidewalks that way.

Finally I came to a ladder set up in the sidewalk and I just knocked it down. Finally I just walked out into the street around all the people here.

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