Dream of: 13 October 1987 "Called To Be A Warrior"

I had gone walking with a woman and her three daughters. Although I was married to the woman and living with her, I didn't feel as if the woman and her daughters were my real family.

When we finally ended our walk, I encountered my sister. She asked some questions, but I didn't pay much attention to her. I was more interested in meditating. Ignoring my sister, I sat down in my typical meditative position, except my feet were bent back underneath me, instead of crossed in front of me. I was wearing a pair of black corduroy pants. Sitting up straight and tall, I began trying to meditate.

In front of me was an indistinct object which reminded me of the Tin Man character from the movie The Wizard of Oz. However this figure was constructed from a darker-colored metal, perhaps lead. The figure was carrying an ax, and appeared to be quite strong.

I was also aware of a man sitting next to me on my left. I knew he was going to ask me a question or a riddle about what I was seeing. As I tried to formulate an answer to the riddle, I thought I would respond that the riddle had to do with my being a soldier and a fighter. Since I felt strong, as if I were a fighter, I thought I would answer, "I love to fight."

However I balked at saying such a thing. To some degree I questioned whether I did love to fight, although I felt God had called me to be a warrior, and I would have to answer the question accordingly. However I hesitated because I knew fighting and hurting people entailed blood and pain, which I abhorred. Even though I had qualms, I still thought I would have to answer, "I love to fight."

Although I felt proud of my calling for an instant, the feeling of pride instantly began to impede me.

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