Dream of: 12 October 1987 (2) "The Birds And The Wind"

I was on the Gallia County Farm, preparing to move here. It seemed that two very pretty women were involved in my life, and that I was leaving one while the other was going to come to live with me. I called several friends to come visit me. About 10-15 people arrived and we sat on the side of the Farmhouse, talked and ate.

I looked across Symmes Creek and noticed a large construction project underway over there. It looked as if about 30 cars were over there. A large wooden platform was being built. It wasn't clear to me what it is for, but perhaps it was for a parking lot. The construction equipment was making a lot of noise. I told the people here that it was usually very quiet around here and when construction wasn't going on usually the birds and the wind could be heard.

In my hand I was holding a round, smooth, black rock about the size of my hand. It almost seemed to have some kind of handle on it. I was thinking about throwing it.

When it was time for the people to leave, I invited them back. I thought about telling them where I hid the key so that in case I wasn't here when they came, they would be welcome to go inside.

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