Dream of: 12 October 1987 "Aphrodisiac"

I was with my mother and my sister in the 29th Street House. My mother had something wrong with her and we had brought her a container with 800 Quaaludes in it. The Quaaludes had only cost about 5 cents apiece. I realized the Quaaludes were powerful aphrodisiacs and could be sold for about $1 apiece. It was clear to me why people sold them since they could make so much money doing it.

I wanted to take one of the Quaaludes myself and I did so. I then asked my sister to take one and she took two. I thought the Quaaludes would have an aphrodisiac effect on my sister and I might have some sexual contact with her. I waited about a half hour and finally asked my sister if she felt anything from the pills. She replied that she didn't. But I knew it didn't take much for one to begin feeling the aphrodisiac effects of the pills once the pills had been taken. Some other people were also in the room, and since I wanted to get away from them, I asked my sister to go upstairs with me. We ascended the stairs.

We went into a corner and I began kissing my sister. She kissed me back. She began rubbing her crotch against me and it felt exquisite. She was extremely supple. I continued holding and kissing her.

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