Dream of: 11 October 1987 (2) "Primitive Sources"

A man and a woman (who seemed somewhat like my good Dallas friend Eloise LaGrone) had traveled to Japan with me and we were walking in the basement in the clothing section of a big store. Piles of clothes, particularly sweaters, many with prices, surrounded us. When a Japanese fellow walked up and began talking with me in English, I felt a bit strange speaking English with him. He asked if he could help me and I responded, "Yea, how many yen are in a dollar?"

He started to tell me, but then I noticed the prices on the sweaters were in both dollars and yen. Realizing I didn't need to know the number of yen in a dollar, I thanked the man and told him I didn't need any help.

The prices were quite high (the sweaters were about $100 apiece) but it looked as if the exchange rate between yen and dollars was favorable; if I stayed in Japan and earned some yen, I would be able to exchange the yen for lots of dollars.

We passed on to a part of the store where electronic appliances were sold. I loved being in Japan; I wanted to stay. Talking about Japan, I told the woman with me, "It offers primitive sources and modern technology."

I was thinking about both the ancient nature of zen, and about the modern technology which could be found there in Japan. Plus, Japan offered a door to China and the east. Learning the Japanese language would also be a beautiful experience, even though learning the language would be difficult. I wouldn't be able to use the European languages which I knew; I would be able to use the European languages someday, but for now I wanted to live in Japan.

As we continued walking, I suggested we find a temple where we could meditate in the morning. I thought that would be great idea and the woman agreed.

As we continued walking, I said, "You know, less than a small fraction of one percent of the people in the United States would ever get a chance to come to here and live."

The woman agreed.

I had traveled here on the spur of the moment and I knew I might have to return to the United States to arrange my affairs before I could simply begin living in Japan.

We continued walking until I finally realized the woman with me was actually my ex-wife Louise. As we walked through a room, I turned around and realized Louise (although I could still hear her) had disappeared. Apparently she had fallen through the floor, even though I didn't see a hole anywhere. I could barely hear her voice somewhere below.

I began tearing up some air ducts in the floor and I tried to look below. I found what appeared to be mattress springs embedded in the floor and I began tearing them up, but I couldn't seem to reach her, even though I was able to talk with her. I tore up a duct and I could see down into the next floor, which had a checkerboard design of yellow and brown tile on it. I thought about dropping myself down below. I could hear Louise down there and we talked. She was upset about what had happened. She realized she was a bit clumsy.

I talked to her about her staying in Japan; she didn't seem to think she wanted to stay; she thought she would return to the United States. I wanted to get back with her quickly and try to convince her to stay. I didn't want to stay in Japan unless she stayed there with me. I tore up a duct; I could clearly see her standing below. She was wearing a white dress and looked quite pretty. I said, "Do you want me to come and get you?"

She says, "Well, yea, OK, I'm down at ground A."

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